Deferred Compensation Plan

A deferred compensation plan is a tax-advantaged savings vehicle to help you achieve your longer-term financial goals, whether for retirement, college planning, vacation home purchase or other plans. This program enables Thermo Fisher Scientific to extend the company match opportunity of up to 6% of your total cash compensation including amounts that exceed the IRS limit on compensation recognized in the 401(k) Plan.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Deferred Compensation Plan Features

  • The company provides you with the opportunity to receive a dollar for dollar match on deferrals into the Plan, up to a maximum of 6% of your “match-eligible compensation.” Generally, match-eligible compensation is your total cash compensation in one year that exceeds the IRS limit for the year
  • Choose to defer Annual Base Salary and/or Annual Incentive Bonus
  • Investment options similar to the Thermo Fisher Scientific 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Flexibility in how and when deferred compensation is distributed, per plan terms
  • Immediate vesting

How to Participate

New executives must enroll within 30 days of being notified of eligibility. An open enrollment for all eligible executives is offered quarterly.

Who to Contact

If you have questions about the plan, contact The Newport Group at or call

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